Mastiff Harness Types

Dog harness is an important part of mastiff dog supplies that allows control a dog, train its power, endurance and guard skills. Mastiff harness consists of leather or nylon belts, that embrace dog chest and part of dog’s back and substitute a dog collar. The point of a lead adjustment is placed not at a dog’s neck, but at the back that makes a dog breathe free and move easy.
Dog harness will help you to control your mastiff reliably with a smaller number of moves.
Originally dog harness has been used for sledding dogs only. But nowadays the sphere of their use is much wider. Many mastiff owners prefer a dog harness as it is intended for a more reliable control over a dog and does not irritates a dog tightening its neck. But if your dog is ill-bred, it will show its temperament even with a harness on as well as with a collar.
It is considered that a dog harness is less harmful for a dog locomotor apparatus than a collar and such dogs are more calm and friendly.
It is recommended to vary use of dog collar and harness. The use of a dog harness only may make your mastiff getting used to it, that would not allow to come over to the use of a collar. Especially it touches upon big dogs like mastiff breeds.
Your pet should not wear a harness constantly. It is just a dog accessory for dog walking and training only.
Specialists have proved that a harness for dogs is much better than a dog collar. It distributes loading correctly and harmoniously along the whole dog body and a pet feels free and calm while a dog owner is able to fix a dog in a needed position when it is required.
There are dog harnesses that are intended for various dog specializations and that’s why there are various types of dog harnesses depending on the sphere of use. It is very important to choose a dog harness that would corresponds the sizes of your mastiff, its physical strength and dog breed.


1) Dog walking harness
2) Pulling dog harness
3) Weight pulling harness for dog sports
4) Guide dog harness
5) Tracking dog harness
6) Dog harness for mastiff puppies
7) Dog harness-coat
8) Support dog harness for invalid dogs

Dog Walking Harness

The general use of a dog walking harness is to serve as a base for dog lead fixation. It is considered to be comfortable for dog walking, as it does not hurt dog’s neck while a dog does not make sharp pulls of a lead and a collar. This type of dog harnesses is indispensable for big dogs with wide neck (mastiff breeds, bulldogs, pugs). The point of a lead fixation is placed at the back behind the front legs. A dog walking harness that is taken on a dog chest allows to avoid any pushing of a lead on a dog’s neck when it moves forward. It does not tighten dog’s neck and chest and thus does not interfere with dog breath.
Unlike pulling dog harness, that creates tightening and makes a dog move forward, dog walking harnesses change the position of tightening.
It should be taken into account, that a dog with behavior problems is difficult to control with a dog harness, as it has a possibility to maneuver (a harness does not tighten dog’s neck) and it may pull harder and a big dog will be difficult to stop when it would try to jump on a stranger. Dog walking harnesses are good for small dogs that are used to grip and chew a lead. Our big dog harnesses for mastiff dogs are equipped with a handle for better control. Dog owners often choose designer dog harnesses to make their dogs look more attractive. At our mastiff dog breed store we propose a rich choice of mastiff harnesses to any taste: studded dog harnesses, spiked dog harnesses, hand-painted dog harnesses for a nice look of your mastiff.

Pulling Dog Harness

Pulling dog harness is invented by North-American Indians more than 400 years ago. It is a wide-spread type of dog harness of simple design that is made of well done natural leather. It is accounted for pulling of a small weight for long distances. Our pulling dog harness may be used for mastiff training, exercises, training dog strength and for mastiff walking.
They are produced of natural leather or nylon. At the points where a pulling dog harness makes the largest tension it is padded with thick felt to prevent rubbing and hurting.
The investigations of the biologists of the National Alaskan University have proved that working in such pulling dog harness a dog gets approximately 62% of loading to its chest and the rest 38% are evenly distributed along a dog body. Thus, the loading on the front dog body part is larger than the rest. It may be used for the correction of a dog figure. Some dog breeds are especially trained to have a more developed front body part.
Following certain rules of intended use, a pulling dog harness for skijoring is very useful for raising of puppies since 2 months age, as it stimulates development of bones, right position of legs and optimal angles between them.

Weight Pulling Harnesses for Dog Spots

Weight pulling dog harness serves for dog training with heavy weights.
Unlike pulling dog harnesses, weight pulling ones is intended for pulling a weight that is larger than the dog’s own weight. Weight pulling dog harness is especially intended for dog sports. The task of a dog is to move the weight that is over dog’s own weight in many times and to pull it at a small distance (5-6 m). That’s why it has a special design. It is a long dog harness with a stick that takes loading from dog’s back and distributes it to wide muscles of dog chest and shoulders. The fixation point of weight is behind a dog below a dog’s tail.
Weight pulling dog harness may be used to develop breast of a mastiff and to form a рельефные muscles. It is used to form a classic dog show стойки and also suits for strengthening of dog health in general, if used for pulling of small weights (i.e. tyres) regularly while dog walking.

Guide Dog Harnesses

This type of mastiff harnesses belongs to special dog walking harnesses. Its difference lays in a special design with a hard handle that allows a handler to control a dog. Its design takes into account constant interaction if a dog and a handler. Our guide dog harnesses are produced of durable natural leather or nylon with reliable buckles and comfortable, wide straps. A guide dog harness may be used together with a collar.

Tracking Dog Harness for Mastiff and Other Dog Breeds

A tracking dog harness is a light option of a guard dog harness. As well as a search and rescue dog tracks a smell and is not interested in anything else, there are no problems to control it. A dog does not try to take it off, pull and thus its design may be lighter to let a dog breathe free.
Our tracking dog harnesses for mastiff breeds are produced of leather or nylon.

Mastiff Puppies Harness

It is recommended to use a harness for puppies in only in the age over 6-10 months (depending on a dog breed) to avoid deformation of dog elbows in the process of their growth.
Mastiff puppy harnesses are light and regulated according to dog figure and while it is growing.
There is a belief, that wearing of a puppy harness helps to develop dog’s chest.
Our mastiff harnesses have many sizes and regulated straps with buckles.
You will be able to re-adjust the straps' length while your masitff puppy is growing. If you wish to order a mastiff harness for your puppy or a young mastiff that is still growing, pplease, write us the gae of your dog in the comments to your order. Our specialists will suggest the best option according to the age and breed of your dog.

Mastiff Coat/Mastiff Jacket

Mastiff coat may be used for short-coated dogs for additional warming in walking. It also protects your dog from wet and mug in rainy weather. These mastiff harnesses are additionally padded with felt and are made of breathable, wet- and mug-resistant material.

Support Dog Harness for Invalid Dogs and Warming

There is a special mastiff harness-vest for dog walking of a partially invalid dogs or dogs in rehabilitation period after an illness or a surgery. The design of this mastiff harness resembles vest covering 2/3 of a dog body. There is a handle along dog body on the back to support a dog in walking.
This mastiff harness may be also used as a warming vest for dog walking in cold weather.

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