Concluding from the breed features, Mastiff is a dog not for anyone. Before getting a Mastiff measure all pros and cons to avoid problems with keeping of this specific dog in the future.

Mastiff pros:
  • Great a guard dog.
  • Friendly to people.
  • Calm, balanced temperament.
  • Lack of aggression.
  • Does not apt to dominate and to be a leader.
Mastiff cons:
  • Rather expensive.
  • Moulting.
  • Keeping in a house is preferable.
  • Need of regular long walking and physical loadings.
  • Excessive stolidity, sometimes overcoming to laziness.
  • Snore, grunt, loud and often let out gases, slobbering.
Mastiff is a dog not for everyone. It is not recommended for retired people, families with small children, and people leading an active lifestyle.