Mastiff Puppy Behavior
Taking a mastiff puppy home it is important to remember, that it is going to grow into a very big dog. Do not allow puppy behavior, that would be unacceptable for a big mastiff, such as sleeping on your bed. It is recommended to take a puppy training class, as it is a great problem to have a big dog of 90 kg with dog behavior problems.

Mastiff Puppy Feeding
Mastiff dogs are growing with incredible speed. There is no need to force it with additional vitamins and calcium supplements. All they need is a quality food. Generally mastiff breeders do not recommend mastiff puppy feeding with puppy food, at least at the first several of months, as it has a lot of proteins.

Exercises for Mastiff Puppy
Mastiff puppy weak point is its joints. Be very careful to his physical loading. He may play, but do not spend too much time walking, do not allow mastiff puppy to jump through barriers and do other exercises, that may hurt his joints. It does not mean to keep a puppy caged. Just do not allow him to overload.

Size and Growing of Mastiff Puppies
Mastiff puppy growing becomes slower in a 1.5 year and he becomes almost fully grown in size.
But mentally mastiff keeps to be a puppy longer than other dog breeds. In spite of his giant sizes, this dog becomes adult mentally by 3 years.

How Much Do Mastiffs Drink?
You will be surprised how much young mastiff dogs drink! There should be always a source of fresh water for your mastiff. Water should be regularly changed, as mastiff dogs extract a lot of saliva.

Mastiff Puppy Chewing
All puppies love chewing. Take into account strong jaws of mastiff puppies. It requires especially strong dog toys. It should be larger than dog jaws and free of small details to prevent choke and obstruction. If you admit your puppy chewing small pieces off, take a toy off immediately. Watch mastiff puppy to prevent picking up and swallowing of stones and wooden pieces etc.