How to walk your dog properly, learn to control it in any situation while walking, what kind of commands are the most necessary and what to do in walking?
  The favorite activity for a dog of any dog breed is walking. It is a mistake to consider that a home yard or a territory at a country house is enough for dog walking. It is much more interesting for a dog to run about a much more large territory. It is convenient to keep a dog in a house with a territory outside to express its energy. But it is not enough for a proper dog walking.
How often and how many times a dog needs walking?
A dog needs 1-1.5 hours walking daily. It is especially important for dogs living at apartments. You may take a dog for a walk once a couple of days, but then try to walk longer and play with a dog actively, give it maximum physical loading. If you are training a puppy to a toilet, walk it more often and stay outside until a puppy goes to the toilet.
How to walk your dog properly?
You will need the following basic dog commands to make your dog obedient in walking and make dog walking calm, peaceful and save yourself from troubles and worries.
  1) Heel. Dog walking turns into disaster if a dog cannot walk beside you and pulls on a leash. It is obligatory to train a dog to the 'Heel' command. At first train a dog to walk beside your leg on a lead and then without a dog lead. It is easy to train a dog to the command 'Heel'. It is more difficult to train turns, stops, change of pace. These moments will need more time.
2) Come. When a dog is walking, call it with a command 'Come' from time to time. It is to be called about 8 times while dog walking. Give a treat each time a dog comes to you after a command 'Come' and praise a dog. Take this command seriously and train it to be performed perfectly. Then a dog will come whatever distracts it.
3) Sit. A dog is to sit when you stop. It is often used in dog walking.
4) Stop/Don't do that. A dog often tries to pick something up, chase a cat, or do something forbidden that is to be stopped. Here you will need a command 'Stop/Don't do that'.
5) Retrieve/Fetch. Fetching will help you to walk your dog and give it enough physical exercise. Your dog will surely love this command, if you try. It is easy to train a dog to a command 'Retrieve/Fetch'. Do not delay it.
These are the most important dog walking tips. But dog walking is not limited with these basic dog commands only. These are the most frequently used ones.
In walking a dog may chase other animals being around. Here use a command 'Stop' to stop a dog and 'Come' to call it to you. Train a dog to obey these commands immediately and give a treat and praise in return.