Essential Mastiff Puppy Accessories

Mastiff puppy toys

Mastiff puppies are big, strong beings with powerful jaws. That's why mastiff puppy toys should be big, durable, able to endure huge loadings. Follow your mastiff puppy playing with a new toy. If he tears it apart and swallows small pieces, get rid of the toy and get a new, stronger one. Each dog has his own preferences. A favorite toy of one dog will not suit another.

Suitable dog toys for mastiff puppy: rubber balls, thick rope of fabric (if it is not easy to tear apart), foot balls and basket balls, dog chewing toys, dog toys that make noise, raw and boiled beef bones, raw fruit and vegetables, empty cartons (without rivets, staples and clips). Big mastiff dogs will like the same, but of larger size. The size of a dog toy should correspond dog size. It should be larger than the dog jaws opening to prevent swallowing.

Choose solid dog toys that are difficult to tear to many pieces.

Dog dishes

It is recommended to use stainless steel dishes for dogs. It is very durable, easy to clean and sterilize.

Buy the largest bowl you find for water. Food dish should be minimum 170 fl oz (5 l).

Dog collar and lead for mastiff puppy

Until your mastiff puppy is 6 month old any collar suits, including one with a plastic buckle. After 6 month old use a leather or nylon dog collar with buckle.

For mastiff training you will need a dog choke collar made of metal. Turn attention that there are various dog choke collars intended for definite dog weight and size.

Remember: never leave a dog unsupervised with a dog chain collar on to prevent choking hazard.