Bullmastiff Collars with Square Studs and a Strong Buckle

Get a stylish dog collar with pyramids for your Bullmastiff. Colors: black, browm, tan. Sizes: 14-40 in (35-100 cm).

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Bullmastiff Collars with Studs for Dog Fashion and Control

Bullmastiff collars with studs is a great choice for your strong dogs. First of all we care of comfort and safety of our mastiff supplies. This dog studded collar is made of thick leather. It is well oiled and has smooth edges. Full grain leather dog collar is a reliable dog accessory for your big Bullmastiff. It is durable for huge dog strength and keeps your dog controlled in walking and public. Square studs have chrome plating, that protects them from rust. All details are securely riveted. There are no stitches, so there is nothign to come off. Strong classic buckle design makes it easy and comfy in use. Bullmastiff collars with studs are functional, quality and fashionable.

  • Buy Bullmastiff Collars Online UKBullmastiff Collars with Studs
  • Dog Studded Collar for BullmastiffDog Studded Collar with a Strong Buckle

The key characteristics of the Bullmastiff Collars:

  • handmade
  • genuine leather, full grain, thick and strong
  • rustproof chrome-plated metal elements
  • strong, reliable, easy buckle and cast D-ring
  • 3 rows of square studs
  • reliable fixation with secure rivets
  • fashionable, strong and reliable

Intended use of the Bullmastiff Collars:

  • dogs of middle and large size
  • Bullmastiff puppies and big dogs
  • basic dog training
  • dog walking
  • control your Bullmastiff in public

Available sizes:

  • 1 1/2 inch (40 mm) wide
  • 0.83 lbs weight

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown
  • tan

Measure your dog for a dog collar with buckle:

Bullmastiff collars size

Bullmastiff collars size:

  • This leather dog collar with buckle has 5 holes for a buckle adjusting.
  • The size of your dog you choose while ordering is a dog collar size at its cetral hole.
  • 4 extra holes serve for re-adjusting the collar while your dog is growing or losing weight: 2 holes right and 2 holes left.
  • There will also be tip of the collar after last hole about 2 inch long (5 cm). It is fixed by a square ring and does not hang out.
  • These handmade dog collars may differ a little in size, but not in significant way.

Dog studded collar is smooth and soft inside and stylish looking. Square studs does not interfere in dog training. Thus, this leather dog collar may be used for Bullmastiff training and walking.

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Bullmastiff Collars with Studs

Bullmastiff Collars for Nice Look, Comfort and Reliable Control

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Dog Studded Collar for Bullmastiff

Dog Studded Collar for Your Beloved Bully

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