Welcome to our online dog store of premium quality dog accessories from the producer directly.
We have a rich experience in production and sales since 1998 and will be happy to provide the best quality products especially for big dogs like Mastiffs and other large dog breeds. Our team develops the products constantly to make them maximum comfortable, safe, efficient, pleasant and durable in use. We carefully test and examine each item knowing that it will come for your dearest ones. From all our heart we create the things that will make your life easier and guarantee pleasant walking and effective training. We listen to your needs and wishes and advices of experienced dog trainers. A pleased customer is our point and we strive for quality rather than quantity. Once you buy a product from our store you won’t need to replace it for years. But we hope you will come back for another items for your doggy and choose all you need from the rich choice of our products.
Our service is a smooth chain of established links from the selection of materials, design of an item to delivery to a dog owner. We try our best to save your time and money and make your online purchase maximum fast and correct. You are welcome to contact us, if you have any questions, need help or advice.
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Mastiff Dog Breed Store Support Team

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