Dog Grooming Brush Furminator For Mastiff Dog "Rastrello Small"

KA31#1059 Dog Brush Furminator

Choose this Dog Grooming Brush Furminator For Mastiff Dog "Rastrello Small" with steel teeth.

Width: 1.6 in (4 cm).

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£ 12.96

High-Quality Dog Hair Brush Furminator

A furminator is a dog grooming brush with a steel razer with teeth and a rubber-coated handle. A professional dog grooming brush furminator for Mastiff dog breeds removes dead fur of double dog coat easily without damage to the healthy coat.

A rubberized handle of this furminator dog brush UK prevents sliding in your hand while grooming.The distance between teeth is 1 mm, the teeth height is 4 mm. The comb width is 1.6 in (4cm). A Mastiff dog hair brush furminator is a perfect dog deshedding supply preventing coils on dog’s fur.

Before starting to brush a dog you need to remove all coils, bath a dog and let it get dry. It is not recommended to brush wet dog fur as it may clog the brush teeth. After your dog gets dry start brushing towards the fur growth only.

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