Large Dog Nail Clippers for Mastiff Dogs and Puppies

KA1##1059 Nail Trimmer

Choose easy and comfortable dog nail clippers for mastiff grooming at home!

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Dog Nail Cutters with Stop and Fixator

Cutting dogs nails is an important part of dog routine and healthy care of your dog.
Choose comfortable and safe dog claw clippers to cut dog nails safely and regularly at home.
How to cut dog toenails? Dog claws grow constantly. Some natural polishing happens while dog walking. It rubbs off on the ground.
But you have to watch its process and if dog claws become too long and rub off uneven it cuases discomfort and pain to your pet.
This safe and comfortable large dog nail clippers are strong for thick mastiff nails.
Special features of this large dog nail trimmer for mastiff:
- a tip-stopper that regulates the length of a nail to be cut;
- vinyl handles that do not glide in your hand;
- sharp steel blades;
- closing fixator for safe storage;
- 5 in long, 2.2 in wide.
When you have this simple tool for dog claws cutting you may keep your dog nails nice and healthy yourself.
Dog not cut dog nails straight. The cut line should be slightly inclined.
Do not come close to the live part of the nail with cannula.
Clip dog nails when the both he and you are relaxed. Sit in a comfortable position.  
Prepare an antiseptic to be in a close reach of you while the nail clipping.
Use treats to calm down your dog and praise him for a good behavior.
Save your time and money for dog nail trimming with this easy device.

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