Mastiff Bite Work Tug-Toy with Handle of Half-Moon Design

TE27#1059 French Linen Tug

Get this mastiff bite work tug with handle.

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Mastiff Bite Work Tug of Soft, Durable French Linen with Strong Hard Handle and Nylon Loop

If you wish to get a quality tool to start mastiff bite work training, you are at the right place. Our experienced craftsmen and dog trainers have designed a super comfortable and efficient dog bite work tug. It's original half-moon shape with a hard handle makes it maximum functional for dog bite work, prey drive, bite grip building and improvement. Perfect dog tug toy for Schutzhund training stage before a bite arm sleeve attack training.

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  • Mastiff Bite Work TugNew Half-Moon Shaped Dog Training Tug
  • Mastiff Bite Work Training EquipmentEfficient Tool for Mastiff Dog Bite Work

French linen is extremely durable and safe material for dog teeth. This strong and soft dog bite work training tug is used for puppies, young and adult dogs biting training. Try and feel the comfort in use and get better results!

Mastiff Bite Work Tug info:

  • strong and safe French linen
  • special durable stitching
  • sintepon stuffed
  • strong nylon handle with ring for a dog lead
  • hard handle to keep reliably in your hand
  • certified quality

The Mastiff Bite Work Toy is used for:

  • mastiff bite work
  • prey drive training
  • bite grip improvement
  • Schutzhund puppy and young dog training
  • interactive dog games

Sizes of the Soft Dog Bite Tug-Toy:

  • 3" x 10" x 12.5" (7 x 26 x 32 cm) dimensions
  • 0.5 lb (240 g) weight

Dog Bite Tug color:

  • color may differ, up to the availability in stock

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