Fire Hose Dog Tug Toy with Handle for Mastiff Training

TE52#1059 Fire Hose Tug

Choose a fire hose dog tug toy with handle for mastiff training. Size: 11.8 x 2.4 in (30 x 6 cm).

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Fire Hose Dog Tug “Extra Incentive”

Fire hose dog tug “Extra Incentive” is made of extra-strong material, used for fire hoses production. Dog tug toy for mastiff training is lasting, dogs’ teeth resistant and completely safe. A fire hose dog tug is used for your puppy’s or young dog’s sports skills development, in training, as a fetching instrument, or a motivation toy for your pet’s encouragement. At the initial stage a dog learns to catch a dog tug toy and to fetch it when you command.

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  • Bite Tug for a Young DogSafe and Comfortable Dog Tug Toy with Handle
  • Fire Hose Dog Biting TugStrong Fire Hose Dog Tug for Mastiff Biting Training

Fire Hose Dog Tug Characteristics:

  • very strong and dense material
  • easy-to use, convenient handle
  • teeth resistant Fire Hose fabric

Mastiff Biting Dog Tug Toy Use:

  • dog training biting
  • motivation and drive in trainings
  • ideal for mastiff puppies, young mastiffs, small dogs of other breeds

Fire Hose Dog Tug “Extra Incentive” Sizes:

  • 11.8 x 2.4 in (30 x 6 cm)
  • the size not including handle length

Mastiff Biting Dog Tug Toy Colors:

  • colors are different, depending on availability on the stock

When regularly used, fire hose dog tug “Extra Incentive” shapes a correct bite of puppies and young dogs. This dog tug toy will help you to vary the trainings, so that your mastiff will be more active and interested

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This is the best product if you are sick of replacing your dogs other tug toys. My dog, Ben (8 months old but weighs over 30kg) and I play tug daily as part of his obedience training, and this toy has withstood the worst punishment. Ben not only bites down hard, he also shakes his head and tugs hard, and this toy does not have one puncture or tear in it. We have had it now for a few months. Thank you so much for creating such a hardy product. I will be back to buy some more soon.
By : Katarina, USA, Date Added: 06/09/2011

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