Mastiff Muzzles for Dogs Training of Hand Painted Australian Style

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Get a strong leather dog muzzle with inner front metal plate and hand-painting in Australian style.

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Mastiff Muzzles of Hand Painted Exclusive Design in Australian Style

Mastiff muzzles is an important dog training tool and daily dog accessory to keep your dog secure from biting, licking, chewing and picking up from the ground. We have a great experience in production of quality mastiff muzzles for maximal protection. Our professional craftsmen take into account each dog breed specific snout shape and size to create the best dog muzzle for mastiff.

Here we represent a secure big dog muzzle for mastiff training and walking. Closed leather dog muzzle type combines comfort and reliability. Big mastiff muzzle of closed design prevents biting and chewing but has many holes for good ventilation. Your dog will breathe free with a muzzle on. It is also very important for a dog to be able to pant and lick nose muzzled. That's why this big dog muzzle for mastiff size has enough room for a dog to pant.

Genuine leather dog muzzle is very comfortable, reliable and safe for a dog. It is a natural material that does not cause any rubbing, irritation or allergy. Leather dog muzzle is well-done, oiled and waxed for long-term use and perfect look. All the edges are smooth.

We carefully stitch and rivet all elements of this leather dog muzzle for mastiff.

Bright painting in Australian style will make your dog look awesome.

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  • Mastiff Muzzles for DogsPainted Designer Dog Muzzle Australian Style
  • Big Dog Muzzle for Mastiff SizeStrong Dog Muzzle for Mastiff

Big dog muzzle for mastiff size has a perfect design for dog training, agitation, attack and secure dog walking.

Does your dog try to take muzzle off? Read how to train mastiff to wear a muzzle. This leather dog muzzle for mastiff is easy to take on and off with one buckle. You may choose a quick release at the options while ordering. The design of straps reliably keeps this dog muzzle on dog head even in active dog training.

Why we recommend these Mastiff Muzzles:

  • Thick leather
  • Smooth edges
  • Waterproof paint
  • Hand made
  • Durable stitching
  • Rustproof hardware
  • Riveted joints
  • Inner front metal plate

Intended use of these Mastiff Muzzles:

  • Dog muzzle for biting
  • Dog muzzle for chewing
  • Dog muzzle for training

Sizes available:

  • Dog muzzle for mastiff size
  • Dog muzzle for middle and big dog
  • Note: fill in the sizes of dog snout while ordering and we will pick up the best muzzle size for your mastiff


  • "Australian Flag" painted on black leather

Measure dog snout sizes in inches:

mastiff size
Length: from nose tip to the point between eyes
Circumference: around the dog snout 1 in below the eyes
Eye Line: from the point between eyes to right below the ears
Neck Circumference: measured behind the ears
Width: maximum dog snout width of your dog
Height: dog mouth is to be slightly open while measuring

Large dog muzzle for mastiff is very strong and comfortable. We care of your dear pets. The leather basket is padded with soft, thick felt in the top inside to prevent rubbing of dog skin.

This design of mastiff muzzles is one of the most popular mastiff muzzles for K9 dogs, police dogs and protection from biting.

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