Wire Basket Dog Muzzle for Tibetian Mastiff, Rubber-Coated

M10##1059 Wire Muzzle

Get a wire dog muzzle with black rubber covering to preotect your dog from heat and frost.

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Basket Dog Muzzle with Rubber Coating and Soft Padding for Tibetian Mastiff Winter Walking

Basket dog muzzle with rubberized wire is a special model of wire dog muzzles. Rubber coating prevents sticking of dog skin, tongue and muzzle burning in frosty weather. It is a perfect muzzle for dog walking in winter.

Rubberized basket muzzle for Tibetian Mastiff will be a perfect tool for dog safety in summer as well. It provides maximum comfort of dog snout. Soft upper nose lining prevents hurting and rubbing. Wire cage dog muzzle provides perfect ventilation. A dog breathes and pants free. In addition, a dog is able to drink and take treats muzzled. It is very important for dog training.

This basket dog muzzle design is produced according to the definite dog breed special snout shape and size. Fill in all the sizes of dog snout required and we will choose the most comfortable, the best dog muzzle size for your dog.

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  • Basket Dog Muzzle for Tibetian MastiffRubber-Covered Wire Basket Dog Muzzle for Tibetian Mastiff
  • Buy Tibetian Mastiff Muzzle UKSoft Padded Dog Muzzle for Dog Comfort

Reasons to choose this Tibetian Mastiff Muzzle:

  • perfect snout form design for a definite dog breed and sizes
  • perfect air flow
  • advanced rubber covering for comfort in winter
  • prevents dog snout freezing
  • perfect protection
  • allows a dog to bark, drink and pant muzzled
  • 100% safe, dog friendly materials

Rubberized Basket Dog Muzzle is applied for:

  • Tibetian Mastiff
  • mastiff dog breeds, large dogs
  • dog walking and training in any season

Sizes available:

  • rich choice of sizes for various dog snout shapes and sizes. Please, fill in the sizes of dog snout while ordering.

Available colors:

  • black

Check how Rubber Coated Basket Dog Muzzle looks on Tibetian Mastiff

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Wire Cage Dog Muzzle for Mastiff Dogs

Basket Dog Muzzle that Allows Dog Drinking Muzzled

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Tibetian Mastiff Muzzle

Rubber-Coated Wire Dog Muzzle with Super Ventilation

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Tibetan Mastiff pictures

Padded Basket Muzzle for Dogs Comfort

Measure dog snout sizes in inches:

muzzles for mastiffs
Length: measured from the nose tip to the line of eyes
Circumference: measure around the dog snout 1 in below the line of eyes
Eye Line: measured from the line of eyes to the line right below the ears
Neck Circumference: measured around the neck behind the ears
Width: measure the width of dog snout in the widest point
Height: measure snout height. Dog mouth should be a little open

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